High Expectations Caused By Medical TV Shows?

There’s been a recent rise in the popularity of shows based around the area of medicine, such as House, Grey’s Anatomy and, who could ever forget the classic, Scrubs. This, as a result, has caused a rise in the unrealistic expectations for patients everywhere.

Patients probably wonder now why, and are let down when, their lives are not transformed into a musical during their hospital experience, as in Scrubs.

People are also astounded by how unlike Cristina Yang (from Grey’s Anatomy) their doctors are! Whilst she is ruthless in her pursuit for her desired job and is prepared to come in at all hours of the day, our doctors are certainly not as obsessively committed. Still, one of the more serious issues medical dramas cause are the high hopes of being cured – patients expect phenomenal results to be obtained via the hospital using the most recent technology and medications to treat the sick person but are then disappointed when this doesn’t happen. It’s easier for TV shows to extraordinarily cure someone who was at the point of death right at the end of the episode because they don’t have to take into account the pricey expenditure and side effects of the prescription; they just want higher viewings of their programme.

However, none of this compares to the biggest letdown (for me at least) of a hospital experience – the lack of McSteamy and McDreamies of the real world! Most probably, the only reason the person’s even at the hospital is because they accidently-on-purpose slit their finger in the hopes of having a doctor of that level of beauty take care of them but, instead, they get a mid-40s woman with a stache and monobrow. Talk about karma.


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