Spinny Chairs

They provide you with quick thrills, however, should we give any thought to the dizziness that follows the entertainment?

In my school, there’s a workroom. The workroom has a lot of computers, accompanied by many, many spinny chairs.

I was presented with two options when in the workroom with a couple of people: get a head start on the stacks of work I had, or, play a game with my friend Vicky involving spinning each other in circles (for pure entertainment value due to the dizziness that would ensue.)

The title of this post is a clue as to what option I went with. Vicky spun me until waves of nausea washed over me, and I did the same to her.

After we physically couldn’t play the game anymore, I realised something. Neither one of us had any idea why spinning made a person dizzy. So, the logical conclusion was to google the reason in an attempt to further avoid doing my work. If this question has ever plagued your mind, continue reading.

It turns out, a system in your inner ear is the key to dizziness. There is a small structure in your inner ear that helps you to maintain balance.  Deep inside of your ear are liquid filled cavities. Inside of these cavities, are sensitive little hairs attached to nerve cells. Dizziness is due to the hair-like sensory nerve cells in our ears sending the wrong messages to our brains. When we spin around, there is a short time lag before the fluid spins too. This makes you feel like you are spinning. When you stop, the fluid continues spinning for a while, which may make you feel like you are spinning backwards: meaning you are feeling dizzy.

The feeling of dizziness and nausea is also considered to be a hazard sign, warning your body to stop spinning.

I should have listened to my body seeing as, two hours later, I still feel really quite ill..

So, I found something out today and, even though my work is incomplete, I feel satisfied by the knowledge I acquired through my procrastination.



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2 responses to “Spinny Chairs

  1. Vicky Taylor

    Great article yasmin!
    And to everyone who’s wondering if the root of this article is true…. IT IS. Although I would like to add that I had actually done my Biology homework before becoming involved in “the spinning.” So not all bad….. Yasmin on the other hand…..
    Only joking, love you!
    Keep going with the great work guys.
    Vicky Taylor

    can just imagine you two spinning around on your own….

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