Haemolacria – Tears Of Blood

I was researching some medical mysteries and this one really freaked me out. This teenager, Calvino Imnan is just like any other normal American teenager… or was. At the age of 15, this teen from Tennessee, woke up one morning to find tears of blood coming from his eyes as he stared at his reflection in the mirror.

As any sensible mother would, and as paranoid as mothers are, Calvino got taken to the ER at the hospital (well, I mean obviously I would too, if blood came running down my face from my eyes). However, by the time he got to hospital, the bleeding had stopped. Later when returning to the hospital, he explained that this had been a reoccurring absurdity and that it occurred up to three times a day.

Obviously, perplexed by this medical mystery, doctors gave Calvino MIRs, ultrasounds, a CAT scan and he has been to see several specialists. His condition is called haemolacria (hence, the tears of blood) but doctors have not been able to identify this medical curiosity. Only 4 other cases have been reported and these have been related to other cultures such as Stigmata, the bleeding from the parts of the body in Christianity.

Not only does Calvino have to live with the pain of having blood pour from his eyes, but you can imagine the teasing from his friends. Calvino has been called “possessed” by almost all his friends. It is strange medical conditions like these which make me wonder why some people are just so much luckier than others…


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