Technology – It’s Going To Kill Us One Day

What would we do without it? Though our wish is to only concentrate on the wonders of technology, the bad effects  are constantly being drilled into our heads; you’ll probably suppose you know what I’m about to tell you but some may surprise you…

The most obvious and common effect is on eyesight. Remember your mum telling you to not sit so close to the TV yet you pretended to not have heard her? Well, karma bit you back and now you have to wear glasses. The proper condition is called CVS – your eyes can’t adjust to the pixels when you continually try to focus on the image which leads to blurred vision, burning eyes and headaches.

Another understandable consequence is obesity – more technology means more methods of entertainment so, of course, less physical activity (and, being human, we usually like to have food at all time!).

An additional one which you’ll most probably have heard of is Repetitive Strain Injury (RSI). This is when muscles and tendons are damaged due to incessant overuse, which is evident with the excess application of gaming systems like Nintendo DS. Subcategories of this include Carpal Tunnel Syndrome (CTS), a painful disorder caused by the compression of a nerve, and BlackBerry Thumb, caused by the frequent use of the thumb to press buttons on PDAs and other mobile devices. Symptoms of RSI consist of numbness and tingling in fingers at first, then intense pain and could even result in the need for medication or an operation.

A recent discovery has been that placing your laptop on your bare legs may cause permanent discolouration and darkening of the skin due to the heat being emitted. This is called Toasted Skin Syndrome; the skin will then look similar to skin harmed by long-term sun exposure.

Technology can also have long-lasting effects which are slow to occur. For example, there is the risk of cancer tumours being produced due to radiofrequency radiation released from cell phones (though harmless in small amounts). Moreover, though the name clearly indicates for it to be placed there, men shouldn’t rest laptops on their laps because the heat from it causes the temperature of the scrotum to increase, resulting in an unstable environment for sperm and, therefore, a danger for male fertility.

Naturally, technology also has indirect consequences on our health such as car accidents due to mobile phone usage and, once you have the latest Call of Duty, social withdrawal.

So many ways technology is damaging our body… yet I’m still typing this whilst simultaneously watching TV and BBMing.


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  1. Krista

    I LOVE IT!! Well done!

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