Cannabis – Is it actually as harmful as we’re all told? Afterall, it is used as a medicine…

Hash/kief/pot/solid/marijuana/grass/ganja/skunk – some of the different forms of cannabis. Smoked/eaten/drank… still has the same effect but what are these effects and why are we told cannabis is bad when in some countries it is used as a prescribed medicine to help people with chronic illness’?

Cannabis will make you “chill out”; make you all giggly and smiley. All your senses will be enhanced and your high will make everything seem different to how things are normally perceived. Cannabis has psychoactive and physiological effects when consumed.

The use of cannabis in medicine is very controversial, some say it has wide-ranging benefits whereas others say it is a potentially dangerous substance that can actually damage health. So what are the benefits/risks?

Claims have been made for its use in treating:Medicinal Cannabis
– Headaches
– Asthma
– Strokes
– Parkinson’s disease
– Multiple sclerosis
– Side effects of chemotherapy treatment
– Alzheimer’s disease
– Alcoholism
– Insomnia

Risks of taking Cannabis include:
– Damaged ability to concentrate
– Decreases motivation
– In teenagers, can affect psychological development
– Users can become anxious, suspicious or paranoid
– Increases risk of psychiatric illness such as schizophrenia
– Same risks as tobacco (if smoked)
– Dangerous addiction

There is some scientific evidence it may be useful, but the complexity of the substance makes it hard for medical research to be able to establish clearly its safety or efficacy. So, its effects are not proven or well understood. There are countries in which medical Cannabis has been legalised: 5 European countries, Canada and 15 US states.

This controversial debate over cannabis leaves one very confused as to whether or not they can have the cheeky joint to chill out or if the risk is too high for their health.  Scientists are always carrying out further research into the pros and cons of cannabinoids (chemical compounds in Cannabis) in order to try and conclude if it should be used as medicine.


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One response to “Cannabis – Is it actually as harmful as we’re all told? Afterall, it is used as a medicine…

  1. Cannabis isn’t harmful at all, people need to realize that paranoia and anxiety come from other variables, not the plant itself:

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