British Heart Foundation – Banned Heart Attack Advert

Okay so I recognise this isn’t the format of a typical article on the blog, but when I attended this first aid course the topic of heart attacks was addressed. The man who was leading the course whipped out this DVD made and dispatched by the British Heart Foundation. It is a 120 second film, describing the effects of a heart attack. He dimmed the lights and put it on the projector. I wasn’t expecting much, maybe just a bog-standard family friendly advert. However, if you watch this advert (which I encourage you to do), from the beginning you will realise this is really quite a unique approach to heart attacks.

In this advert, a heart attack is personified as a murderer, and the camera view is done so that you are supposed to be experiencing the heart attack first hand. The symptoms arise due to the actions of the murderer.

The advert was shown only once on ITV1 during the break of Midsomer Murders and ITV received so many complaints as a result of it being aired that it was never run again.

You all might have different opinions on the advert, but in my opinion, although it is quite graphic and has sinister undercurrents, it is also really informative. I understand that some things are inappropriate to be shown at peak times, but if the content is important, then maybe it is okay for something not so jolly to be shown? Some things in life aren’t all fine and dandy and the best way to get a message across isn’t to sugar coat it, it’s to be blunt and forward.

The main message behind the advert is to not take chest pains lightly. They can be a sign of something more serious such as a heart attack, and so should not be overlooked.


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  1. Jess Hof

    That was flaming scary. And ironic that it was played during a murder mystery programme. But I suppose the message is conveyed really well… I just *really* hope I never have a heart attack now…

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