Don’t Blame It On The Sunshine… Actually, Do

This is England so, naturally, the first hint of sunshine causes everyone to strip down to their shorts, grab their sunglasses, and hurry out to soak up the sun (and, just maybe, get a slight tan). Problem is, still being in school and this being the peak time before exams, you need to be seen productively revising in the eyes of your parents. Answer: combine the two activities together!

This is what I decided to do today in order to escape from all the distractions in the form of different types of technology surrounding me, calling me temptingly towards them. I was completely prepared with all my books encircling me whilst I lay in the grass on my stomach (a common position for working but also for easily falling asleep in) but, after a while, my mind started to drift and I became extremely tired, surprising as I’d slept well the previous night.

The reason being in the sun causes fatigue is due to the heat resulting in you to become dehydrated as you lose water from your body by the evaporation of sweat (the aim of which is to cool you down). Moreover, because of the heat an inflammatory reaction occurs which drags off more of the water during the process and, as skin is the biggest organ, it contributes significantly to the dehydration. The overall disproportion of salts play a part in it too. Seeing as all the cells in our body are mostly composed of water, the fluids need to be refilled frequently. When this doesn’t happen, the blood becomes thicker (less water means less fluidity) so more energy is required for the heart to pump the blood around the body. As more energy is being used up, it leaves us tired.

Contrary to belief, exhaustion is actually one of the first signs of dehydration, not thirst. Therefore, the best way to keep yourself awake in any situation is to drink more water.

So, if you fail your exams because you were sound asleep instead of studying hard, you know what to hold responsible.


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One response to “Don’t Blame It On The Sunshine… Actually, Do

  1. Emily

    Thanks for the advice 😛 Yesterday you were telling me to go out, today you’e saying not to.. I DON’T KNOW WHAT TO DO!
    I hate revision.

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