Could Chocolate Actually Be… Healthy?

Considering it’s Easter, here’s a festive article on a topic you surely can’t dislike: chocolate. Let’s be honest, there’s no going against the fact that it’s the food of the Gods. It’s intoxicated us so much that there are now even chocolate-flavoured fragrances which are supposed to bring us to our knees. Chocolate has a bad reputation for poisoning our body with its harmful substances. However, modern research is now helping chocolate lose this stigma.

Chocolate is held responsible for causing tooth decay and cavities but there has been no evidence proving it is solely the cause apart from the fact that the sugar adds to it but that can be held true for any food with sugar. Actually, there have been suggestions that the cocoa butter covers the teeth and shields them from plaque forming.

On the other hand, the same cocoa butter can contribute to high cholesterol levels due to the saturated fat content. To counter this though, chocolate bears a large amount of phenolics which dilates the arteries and prevents fat obstructing it so decreases the chances of heart disease.


That was how chocolate benefitted the workings inside our body but it doesn’t stop there; it is being used increasingly for maintaining our external health too – the skin. The numerous myths about chocolate raising the likelihood of acne are completely wrong. Experiments with students testing chocolate (who would mind that job?!) have shown that chocolate has no effect on the number of spots on a person’s skin, especially since acne is not connected to diet mostly. What’s more, chocolate, especially dark chocolate, is nowadays being used in spa-care for facials and wraps. It’s said to revitalize your skin and can defend against the effects of sun and air pollution due to the selection of phytochemicals and caffeine it contains.

So, why are you wasting precious time reading this when you could be enjoying the addictive taste of chocolate? Go improve your health! Happy Easter!



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2 responses to “Could Chocolate Actually Be… Healthy?

  1. Emily

    Finally some proof, though now my lifelong ambition has become to be a chocolate tester.

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