Troubled Minds – Four Stories

DISCLAIMER: contains vivid descriptions of self-harm

Troubled Minds is a series of powerful, BAFTA award-winning short animations from TeachersTV that illustrate 4 severe mental illnesses: Eating Disorder, OCD, Asperger’s Syndrome and Self Harming. They’re stories narrated by young teens who have endured the psychological disorders themselves.

Mental disorders are frequently overlooked because of their subtlety so these films were created with the intention of educating the youth about the vital concerns. Though most of us are very familiar with the basic facts about these syndromes, these videos are effective and thought provoking in the way they approach the message they want to portray; the videos allow an outsider to visualise the life of a person with the mental illness, allowing them to experience the isolation firsthand.

We were shown this once in school and the silence that followed really said it all.


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