Stop Crying, That’s Why You’re Still Single

Everyone knows how men can’t bear a woman crying but actual evidence was found a few months ago to prove there is a special chemical in tears that result in men actually being “turned off”.

I read an article which described a study carried out which proved the theory that men are less sexually aroused when women shed tears when upset. Six women who could cry with ease watched films like Terms Of Endearment and My Sister’s Keeper (the usual chick flicks, I’m surprised The Notebook wasn’t on here) which, as expected, caused them to weep uncontrollably and these tears were then preserved by absorbing them with pads. Young men then sniffed these pads whilst looking at arousing pictures of women but there was also a control (anyone who does biology should be familiar with this) in the form of a saline solution (water and salt) being inhaled for comparison. The sexual excitement was measured by their heart rate, skin and brain responses and testosterone levels. The results, as you can guess, were that the emotional tears triggered a decrease in all of the criteria. One of the researchers (Israel Weizmann Institute) stated “Basically what we’ve found is the chemo-signaling word for ‘no’ — or at least ‘not now’.”

The message behind this type of behaviour that the tears induce is unclear at the moment. One hypothesis is an evolutionary protection against rape or deterring men from sex when PMSing/menstruating.

Don’t you think the experiment’s a bit biased? Only testing the effects women’s tears have on men? What about the other side? Well, it was initially going to both but the reply to the advertisement searching for male criers was too low. One.


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