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  1. Zia Azeem

    Science and Medical researches have developed so much so why they cant find a treatment for Calvinos illness

    • Calvino’s case is one of four that has ever been noted so in terms of the research and technology that science has developed up until now, we can assume that not a lot of it will be linked to haemolacria, as it has not been a major global issue. I would say that scientists and researchers are at present much more preoccupied with other more informed branches of science.
      Doctors have done many tests on Calvino, with the hope of some unusual results, which could explain his blood tears. However, nothing out of the norm was found and so perhaps we should begin to think about Calvino’s more psychological side of instead on focussing on the physiological and anatomical side of things. There have been recent advances and studies performed to show how much we are affected and controlled by the signals we receive from our environment and our thoughts. A possible explanation might be that his tears of blood are something to do with his mind and the way his subconscious operates – only 5% of our brain activity is controlled consciously.

      So perhaps the answer to Calvino’s case is not in finding a treatment/drug, but rather to understand what the boy has gone through and what could be particularly affecting him in his surroundings at the moment. Had the doctors found something unexpected during their tests, I am almost certain that they would have found a treatment for him to correct this result.

  2. Mary O'Sullivan

    This message is for Dr Michael Mosley.(Trust Your Doctor)
    36 million people take prescibed Antidepressants each day in the Uk, and many are unaware of the devastating consequences, Often they may present as upset crying or distressed by life-events, divorce their doctors surgery.
    Within a matter of minutes they are prescribed a psychotropic mind-altering drug.
    Research by Peter Breggin a Harvard trained Psychiatrist,has researched brain Disabling treatments in Psychiatry,he wrote a book,entitled Your drug could be your problem.
    The crucial point and evidence he cites is that chronic exposure to SSRI antidepressants frequently make people apatheticor less engaged with their lives.
    The horrific wake-up call I had was unknownst to me this tablet I was prescribed with no review, for 16 years, was causing Cognitive and frontal lobe function loss.
    A chemical lobotomy, my life has been destroyed by these mind-numbing drugs,I was dumbed down to such an extent I was hardly able to function, I could not understand why I never drew or painted like I used to and put it down to having the illness of depression
    They only cause apathy, and only act as a band-aid, people need talking therapies, or counselling, also Cognitive behaviour therapy, not to have debilitating frontal lobe loss
    Ethically and morally this is mind-control and butchering of vulnerable people.
    My three beautiful daughters were drained over the years by the apathy and no motivation they saw in their mother, and told me I needed to change, I started going running on soft grass and slowly the penny dropped, that these drugs were causing me severe cognitive malfunctions of my brain.
    Please as a humanitarian I as a lay-person ask that you would raise some of these salient points which I have raised for the benefit of all those people in the Uk who are compliant taking these medications, without realising the full facts of the damage they cause.
    I recently asked to see a Psychiatrist,to be assessed,for the condition of crying at times,as I was alone loss etc,only to be told in no uncertain terms that I do not have a mental health condition and so did not need to see a specialist.
    I no longer take these medications and am trying to recover my faculties,by taking high omega 3/6 fish oils and nutritionally supplementing the central nervous system to support my health.I am an ordinary women and I would like to write a book about the devastating effect these pills have had on my life and that of my precious daughters. Thw withdrawals can be life-threatening and that is a story for another time.
    I will close by asking that you draw public attention to the cognitive and frontal lobe loss that these drugs cause to people and by doing this destroy millions of lives.

  3. mbos

    The subject of Anti-depressant withdrawal will never be aired because Pharmaceutical companies make billions in profits from their prescribing of these poisons. Profit, before the well-being of the population.
    I have had and continue to have severe withdrawal symptoms from these toxins, so-called anti-depressants,with no let-up. If you stop your medication gradually, and paced at a slow reduction, your body becomes an anorexic retching fire-ball.

    Since August 2013, after weaning myself off, with my GP’s advice and doing a gradual taper,he advised going from 10mg to 5mg, a 50% reduction,which sent my body into a nightmare withdrawal, From Cita, the council for help with addiction to prescribed so-called medication, which I may add is the only self-help group available, and offer an advice line, which you can telephone and are available on week-days to act as a listening ear.
    CITA advise a very slow taper, doctors suggest huge incremental reductions. I continue to have the following severe symptoms,putting my health at risk,three months, after the initial slow taper and reduction regime.

    *Severe Anorexia every day
    *Severe nausea
    *Severe Retching every day
    *Severe weakness in all systems of the body
    *Severe inability to sleep.

    These symptoms continue unabated and the only relief from them is to restart the toxin, which I will not do.
    Am I the only person brave enough to publish the truth about these addictive poisonous chemicals, which destroy people’s lives.If you return to your doctor, for help with your drug withdrawal. they only advocate a return to the drug.
    The Pharmaceutical industry continues to amass billions in profit at the cost of abject misery to millions of innocent people, who cannot see any way to be free of these mass prescribed addicting and mind-numbing prescriptions given out like smarties to the population.
    Has anyone else experienced a problem.
    It is a subject that no one wishes to discuss, because of the stigma which surround’s it.yet millions of people who are distressed because of real-life difficult set of circumstances are dished out pills. Man’s inhumanity to man, and in the name of profit.

  4. pirate

    you are a sick sick person doing this to a CHILDREN’S CLASSIC.

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